Faith and Nonprofit Organizations play an essential role within public communities. We have seen these organizations bring hope to communities and serve as a resource to those seeking help. Survival of faith organizations is critical to our society. A major concern is that global religious beliefs with differing expressions of faith have caused division over centuries. This also includes division amongst the same faith, due to perceptions and judgment of beliefs or practices. Poor experiences have also added to the increasing population of individuals with no religious affiliations. There has been an increase in the lack of the sense of community and culture within faith organizations. Success rates of organizations can depend heavily on positive community involvement. We understand that a healthy community exemplifies common attitudes, interests, and goals. We must all work together for one purpose or goal. All Faith Community Resource Platform would like to help your organization network and grow. Let’s work together to connect, build, and restore your community.

Our team is fueled with passion and inspired through faith to make a global impact and bring the culture of community back to faith organizations. We created an innovative platform that can assist faith organizations within different stages of development. It also creates easy ways to promote fundraising events and receive donations. Organizations can collaborate and maximize their resources in efforts to support a specific event or purpose.



All Faith Community Resource Platform is designed to help the population connect and engage with available faith based and non-profit organizations. The features of this app will allow guests to research services, networking opportunities, and fundraising events within a specific organization. This allows for an informative decision when requesting membership. In efforts to help promote community and charitable donations, this app is also designed for members to seamlessly donate a small percentage of any funds received for services offered.

Our Free Consultations Help With These Categories

Starting A Nonprofit Organization

Faith organizations function much like small businesses. Let us help you with planning and launching your organization to make an impact!

People Management and Trainings

Learn how to maximize your organization resources for recruiting, managing, developing, and optimizing employees/volunteers to increase their value to the organization.

Events & Marketing Solutions

Building your brand identity is just as important as marketing the products you sell or the services you provide.

Financial Education

With a focus on consumer education and providing a unique and personalized experience, we strive to eliminate the burden of financial uncertainty while creating a plan of action and peace of mind for the future.

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